Why be on Admyer

Reach a wider audience

Maybe you have a ready-made ad for magazines? On Admyer that ad will reach people all over the world. By uploading your ads to Admyer they will reach a greater audience.

Get ad data

Once your ad is on Amyer you will have access to certain data about the ad such as how many times the ad has been admired etc.

Results for future ads

Much of the data can be used as a base for future ad decisions. What type of ads within one type of category are admired the most? On a certain market, what ads are admired the most? Etc.

Ad history

Get a good overview of the previous ads and find out what's different from the present ones.

Links to you

Get more visitors to your company website and product sites as all of the ads have direct links. Users can go directly to the place where to find out more about what they have come across on Admyer.

Picture focus

On Admyer the most important part is the ad image, if you already have a ready-made ad it's very easy to upload it. And people admiring the ad for the picture itself will also find your company.

Ad search

The core of Admyer is to help users find inspiration and one way of achieving that is with the search function. Consumers will be searching for your ads instead of the other way around!


Users can organize ads within mood board-like so called adboards. This way your ads can be made visible to users coming to an adboard searching for something different from the start.

Tag products

Products can be tagged within an ad, especially if the ad have multiple products showing. Users can select products they're interested in into lists with direct access to the product links.

We hope that some of these reasons in conjunction with the promise of always be a quality service displaying high class magazine-style pictures have convinced you to go ahead and enjoy Admyer as much as we do. Now show the world what's been made to be admired!