About Admyer

We are dedicated to bring to you the best and most beautiful magazine-style ads from around the world for you to admire and get inspiration from. Our passionate interest in design, innovation, colors, moods and just things that are beautifully crafted is something we think we share with you. The aim of our service is to let you easily find what you are looking for, whether it’s to find new and interesting brands or a specific product to buy, and provide you with direct links to the places where you can get your findings.

To enjoy looking for nice things even more we let you organize the ads you admire in mood board-like adboards. This way you can start a new adboard for every project and get even more inspiration from following the links to adboards made by other users. By using the category tree you can get to the area of interest in no time and with our extensive search function you can even search ads with specific colors. We hope you’ll find many new brands that you’ll admire and remember to follow your favorite brands to receive updates on the latest ads.

The ads you find on Admyer are uploaded by the companies providing the products and not by ordinary users of the internet. This way you know directly where to get the products and we provide direct links to the companies right on the ads. No more additional searching the web to find that nice thing you saw in a picture!

Admyer is developed and supplied by the company Admyer AB with headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden.